You will be able to see at the height of the canopy of the surrounding vegetation and / or on the 2 canyons that surround us, various birds, with a variety of 150 species, among which are 14 raptors, endemic NT birds (Odontophorus hyperythrus, chestnut wood- quail), almost endemic (ogmoehymchus icterotis, yellow – eared parrot), EN (Spizatus isidori, black – and – chestnut eagle) TWELVE (12) migratory (…… ..), and NT (Vultur, griphus, Andean condor), You can also enjoy sighting mammals such as foxes (Cerdocyon thousand) Armadillos (Dasypus sabanicola), or Guaguas (Cuniculus taczanowskii), amongst others.

Vía a Villamaría - Nevado Santa Isabel, Vereda Papayal, Villamaría, Caldas, Colombia.

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A strategic place to catch a glimpse or enjoy sighting different species, especially the couple of Andean condors that nest on the plateau, one of the three known Andean condor nests in the country.

RNT: 62018

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