Night tours: dare to walk our perimeter path on the plateau, taking a night tour that will allow you to enjoy the sound of our surrounding rivers and contemplating the night skies from our chairs located around the path.

Stargazing: Enjoy and contemplate the starry nights under the warmth of our campfire.

Sighting of condors and birds of prey: You can have the privilege of observing these, flying over in front of the balcony of your room, entering and leaving their nest, the pair of condors that nest on the rock located under the tents.

Vía a Villamaría - Nevado Santa Isabel, Vereda Papayal, Villamaría, Caldas, Colombia.

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A strategic place to catch a glimpse or enjoy sighting different species, especially the couple of Andean condors that nest on the plateau, one of the three known Andean condor nests in the country.

RNT: 62018

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