Our rooms have 2 deck-type balconies, one in the access point from which you can contemplate our gardens and another balcony on the cliff of the canyon where the condor nest is located, both balconies equipped with hammocks, tables and chairs to enjoy the view alongside a cup of wine or coffee. Inside the room you will find a sofa bed that will serve as an alternate bedroom and a desk.

The main bedroom equipped with a king size bed, standing table, luggage table, clothing cabinet, coat rack, fireplace and 2 comfortable butterfly chairs, with an area of 72m2 and connected to your bedroom you will find a spacious bathroom with an interior garden, separate toilet, a body sized mirror and another one in the sink area, a shower with an incredible view over the canyon and hot water, in an area of 9m2.


Write us to the whatsapp line 3113677739 to request a reservation

Vía a Villamaría - Nevado Santa Isabel, Vereda Papayal, Villamaría, Caldas, Colombia.

311 367 77 39

[email protected]


A strategic place to catch a glimpse or enjoy sighting different species, especially the couple of Andean condors that nest on the plateau, one of the three known Andean condor nests in the country.

RNT: 62018

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